Perfect Love

From 1 John 4:18…perfect love casts out fear…

We reviewed this verse last night at my girls’ group and it stuck with me today. I don’t yet “get” God’s love; I may never “get it” like my human brain wants, but I have a lot yet to learn and look forward to new levels of comprehending it. Why He wanted to make us in the first place is curious and knowing we’d let it all “go to pot” as my Granny Can would say. We’re a mess, us humans. We don’t know up from down. It reminds me of a cheesy Michael W. Smith song that talked about all the chaos going down in the world.

However, this morning as I contemplated the verse that popped into my line of vision, I can see how important it is to cling to His love. He knows what He’s doing. Whew! what a relief! As I’m very familiar with my way around the land of anxiety, I know if we look at what’s around us and begin to wonder who the heck we are and what the heck we’re doing here, it can get quite frightening. It can leave us confused and unsteady. So, I choose, little by little and sometimes minute by minute, to hold tightly to God. The one who designed every bit of me and knew we’d have trouble in this life also knows we need a rope to hold onto for safety. We are, after all, only dust. He gets it and loves us to pieces. I may not “get it” completely, but I think I’ll hold on to that rope, aka Christ, just in case the waters start to pick up; which they will. That’s life. Little by little…trusting, obeying, believing. Hold tight.

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