What treasures there are from my textured past! I can pull from my life and find such interesting relationships; most can bring a smile to my face and some probably make me cringe. I love the idea that each and every interaction we have in life is on purpose. That we can influence someone and play a part in their story, good or bad, is fascinating.

Through Facebook, I’ve recently come across my summer camp counselor that had a major impact on my faith in God. She was beautiful to me and I’m thrilled to have found her again. I also found the cute face of my 5th grade boyfriend! My mom saved a Valentine’s Day card that he gave me 🙂 Technology has certainly aided in keeping in touch with people from ages ago. My husband is anti-MySpace, but I think there’s lots of fun to be had and lots of memories to recall through those online outlets.

The same thing goes with this Blogging idea. What a fun and interesting way to understand someone. My friend Courtney shares her life as a photographer and as a mother to a little one with CF. I’m encouraged by her and often times inspired. I’m glad she and so many others are part of my story. God is an amazing author.

One thought on “Treasures

  1. Val August 24, 2008 / 12:29 pm

    Emily….I love your blogging:0 I enjoyed reading your thougths this morning:) You and I think so much alike sometimes….wow! — I just love you!! Keep writing and I’ll keep reading…..Val


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