Hello world!

It’s me! Emily! What an opportunity to write about the random thoughts that often pop into my head. I love this idea of blogging; that anyone and most likely no one will read my obscure thoughts…could be interesting and oh so very boring.

My title, “Life is so curious…” isn’t it though? The whole concept…people just out there “living”; for what? We wake, do our daily requirements, have relationships with others, strive to gain more and more…for what? I’m a Christian and believe there’s a specific purpose to all of it, but what about those who don’t think much of a Creator? Whatcha doin’ in this life? SOO many brains in this world that are thinking, plotting, stewing…

I’m a new mommy and hope my little one tends to have more of his daddy’s brain overall, but I do hope to give him a bit of my curious brain, too…I want him to wonder and question all that goes on here so that he can gain confidence in a purpose for it all. It’s so curious…a true combo platter of beauty and strife. Not what was intended, but worth living, that’s for sure.

One thought on “Hello world!

  1. hthr August 24, 2008 / 4:29 am

    hooray! welcome to the blogosphere!


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