Sticker Book Magic

With my daughter Rachel’s age and personality, for some time now, we have been heavily into sticker books. I’ve tried them all! The silly faces from Wal-Mart, Melissa & Doug from TJMaxx, Disney and other varieties, etc. I’d say one of the top reasons I sell Usborne Books & More is for their stinking sticker books! They are like none other. Melissa & Doug has some really great ones and they’re creative, but Usborne’s are amazing; educational, excellent quality of both pages and stickers, & exquisite pictures. I’ve included some pictures below to give a sample (mostly girly ones, of course). If you want to see more, there’s a gazillion on the website.

These sticker books are top notch. Great quality, beautiful illustrations and lots of variety in themes from monsters to unicorns. The picture below shows my little one working through the pixie sticker book. Not only were we getting the chance to practice numbers with matching the stickers to the pages, but we’re learning about fun adjectives like “dart” “leap” and “flutter”.

I’ve found myself enjoying the sticker books much like the adult coloring books are found to be soothing. In addition to Usborne, another more advanced sticker book that I really enjoy are the Paint by Sticker that I’ve found on Amazon. They have itty bitty pieces that won’t be ideal for very little fingers, but certainly a calming activity to try for older kids. I recently purchased a more advanced one (but by no means truly “advanced”; it remains low stress) was one called Masterpieces that end up creating a sticker version of beautiful, well-known works of art.

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