We carved out designated tech-free time this morning to play dress up magnets with R and a game of chess with B. I’d forgotten which direction my pieces could move and pulled out this book from my Usborne collection. I hadn’t looked into it yet, but it’s quite cool! It’s interactive with stickers and would be excellent for older kids to really understand strategy and the ins and outs of the game. Although we got off track with vacations and whatnot, I’ve challenged my son to work through it this summer (although that means he’s going to kick my butt even faster than he did today 😳)

Pairing this book and an inexpensive chess set would be a really great gift! B learned to play about age 9 and I’ve been surprised by how much he took to it and he even added a session of it for summer camp a couple of years ago! If you have a master chess player in your crowd, take a look at the Usborne Books & More website for a couple more fun options, so you don’t end up in a stalemate. 🙂

*As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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